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Vision & Mission

EDC’s Vision

  • To serve as a training hub to produce globally competitive skilled executives and entrepreneurs for Bangladesh's sustained economic and human development.

EDC’s Mission

  • To train executives and potential entrepreneurs of priority industrial sectors to increase innovation and productivity;
  • To adopt timely industry-oriented curriculum to scale up skill and reduce skill gap;
  • To enhance faculty and infrastructure capacity to be able to conduct high-level training;
  • To establish a network with similar centers in other countries to ensure the global competitiveness of the training program;
  • To assess the outcomes of the training program for feedback and continual quality improvement.


The key objectives of this program are listed below:

  1. To implement the Executive Development Training Program developed by EWU in due consultation with the industrialists and SEIP officials in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Business Plan;
  2. To develop world-class mid and high-level industry-fit managers required by the sector;
  3. To reduce dependence on foreign managers and develop a pool of high-quality managers to meet future industry needs;
  4. To make a cultural change in university teaching that is now totally delinked from the industry.
  5. To periodically assess Industries’ requirements and design/revise customized Course Curriculum for the trainees to accommodate changing industry requirements.

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